Disney Bound

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my dumb camera still takes really bright pictures so you can’t tell what i’m holding, it’s baby Pegasus.

ANYWAY, so I was able to see Hunkules Hercules during Opa! on Monday which im really, really happy about omg

I went up to Herc and he immediately smiles and says, to the character hosts and photopass person,”She looks familiar doesn’t she?” Playing around of course. The cast members agreed and then they called me Herculina and Hercules loved that and omg I was just so happy. He loved my outfit of course and he loved baby Pegasus and thanked me for taking care of him! So he actually came up with the pose on the first picture (us holding baby Pegasus) and afterwards, I gave him a big hug and thanked him (more then enough probably sjdhskh). 

And then around 6:00 when he was leaving for the last time, I said goodbye and he asked for another hug so I said yes of course and he gave me a big hug and yeah I had a magical time and I am so happy and now I can die happy.

Thank you Hercules! <3


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