Disney Bound

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I had the privilege of viewing Drayton Entertainment’s production of the Broadway musical “Mary Poppins” last Thursday in Cambridge, Ontario. 

Having seen Lion King and Beauty and the Beast on Broadway in New York City, I must say - this production was most definitely the most amazing show I’ve seen in a while - definitely up to par with the other Disney theatre performances which I’ve seen in the past.

Nothing can describe the full body chills when you see Mary fly in on stage. You completely forget that you are watching a show - it’s very easy to get caught up in the magic.

The classic Chimney Sweep scene was my favorite part of the show. It made me want to hop up on stage and join them.

Interested in theatre? Always wanted to know what it’s like to play Mary Poppins? Stay tuned! I’ll tell you about how you may have the chance to ask their crew your questions!

If you’re in South Western Ontario, Canada - make sure you head to Cambridge to check out this production! You won’t regret it.

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    This was the first show I saw in London, I may start crying.
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