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I wanted to ask for advice about relationships. And I was wondering if you could help! My best guy friend & I have been friends forever & we were going out as a couple (short term) until a few days ago. Saying he wasn't ready for a relationship and his feelings weren't as strong as mine. (He asked me out & It seemed like we were both on the same page with our feeling for each other before etc). Not want to lose him as a friend but still confused on what to do. Just want to have your opinion:).

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My god. If you knew how eerily similar this is to my life you would laugh.

I dated my best guy friend for a year, ending recently. It’s hard because the feelings are so much stronger when you actually take him out of the friendzone and into the boyfriend zone. Not only do you love him as a boyfriend, but you have that history as best friends too.

I don’t regret a moment of it. But it is hard to re-establish that friendship that you had before. 

If he’s not ready for a relationship - just accept that. Even give him space. If he’s your true best friend, things will fall back into a good rhythm again once he figures out his feelings.

Boys suck. And sometimes you forget that your best guy friend is a boy too. But he is. :)


  1. denisearev said: why does this post dictate my life omg.
  2. darlingargent said: MY LIFE. I dated my best friend for a year and we broke up about a month ago because he said my feelings were stronger.
  3. tourdemain said: This post is literally my life.
  4. moremadeline said: bahaha this is my life right now too. with the added bonus that we are flatmates. i broke it off with him and am ready to be friemds, but he needs time.
  5. anitalife said: We may have all done this at one point in our young lives.
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