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First off, i love your blog. Secondly, this isn't really a request but more of a personal question, what colour do you use to dye your hair??

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I use Manic Panic’s hot pink as well as the fuchsia and I combine the two. I have natural blonde hair so I don’t have to bleach it. I dye it once a week to keep the color from fading and my roots from showing. 


  1. undergroundpenguinsarerad said: Hey I use Manic Panic pink too!!! But I only have the front of my hair dyed. ):
  2. pizzaandpregnancytests said: ME TOO! and everyone thinks I’m odd for mixing my dye and I’m like ‘well my hair looks good so hush’
  3. born-on-stgeorges-day said: I’m a hairstylist, and I actually have a client whose hair we dye deep pink. I used to have to see her every 3 weeks or so, but then she got Bumble&bumble’s new Color Minded shampoo & cond., and now I see every 5 with minimal fading. it’s amazing.
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