Disney Bound

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For those who don’t know - Annie Liebovitz is a huge inspiration for me,

I got the chance to hang out on set with Annie when I was an angst-ridden 16 year old…battling depression and at a loss for direction.

I assumed meeting with Annie would be a “Don’t speak unless spoken to situation.” however, Annie walked in the room and sat down beside me and instantly started asking me questions about myself. 

She gave me tons of advice. She told me to follow my dreams and use my creativity to my fullest ability. She also told me to not go into advertising because marketers were nothing but liars……….I would end up going to school for Advertising & Marketing (the only bit of advice of hers which I didn’t take).

At the time, I was very interested in photography - so Annie had me take her assistant’s e-mail to send her a few of my shots - which she wanted to review. I did just that and received the following e-mail in response:

"I have reviewed your images, and for your age, your photos are remarkable in a creative and technical sense. Your work is confident and engaging."

It was at that moment that I told myself I could be more than I thought I would be. Ever since then I have been on a path towards creating a success out of myself…even though sometimes I felt like I was walking blindly into the unknown.

When I see the Disney Dreams photos it always feels like our paths are crossing briefly once more. 

Believe me when I say you can do anything you put your mind to. Success is not instant and it’s not easy and the path seems to be infinite…but I hope each one of you find your Annie.


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