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How much does a tattoo on the rib cage hurt? and you should post a picture of all of your tattoos :)

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It hurts. A lot. haha no way around it. Some of the less painful places I’ve been tattooed though are on my back. One that took me by surprise was my thigh, I didn’t think it would hurt that much. >.<


  1. julix said: tattoo pain is different for everyone. i have both sides of my rib cage tattooed and i SLEPT through both. none of my tattoos have hurt.
  2. syd2010 said: I heard from everyone that a rib tattoo would hurt so bad, but I had an incredible artist and mine didn’t hurt at all. I was pleasantly surprised:)
  3. montuewedthufrisatsun said: Getting the one on my rib was annoying, like a itch I couldn’t scratch. My hip is the one that hurt the worse.
  4. besondereliebe said: For me, my thighs were the least painful ones I’ve got next to my hips. My ribs and back were terrible, but it’s easiest to remember it’s worth the pain in the end.
  5. spangledpants said: My tattoo on my foot is pretty easy to cover up. It’s on the side/top of my foot, which makes it even better. The pain wasn’t too bad. I want to get one on my thigh though, like a rose or something, maybe? I dunno.
  6. youngloveleroy said: This first tattoo I got was on my thigh. It hurt more than the ones I got on my wrists, which surprised me.
  7. realityinwonderland said: It depends on the person, a lot of people say it hurts, i would read a whole bunch of “it hurts too much” or ” I’d rather be shot” but I fell asleep during my rib tattoo. It didn’t start hurting or getting sore till an hour after I got it.
  8. jonstewarts-sexslave said: My ribcage didn’t hurt too bad. Though i was practicing some breathing exercises that i learned…so..maybe concentrating on that made it better. who knows.
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