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The Classy Side of Disney

Named after the famous Dapper Dans, a barbershop quartet that frequent Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, Dapper Day is a day for diehard Disney fans to attend the parks dressed to the nines. Dapper, for the record, means “neat and trim in appearance, very spruce and stylish,” and many fans take the term very seriously. On Dapper Day, park guests dress up in both contemporary and vintage fashions, and pearls, Peter Pan collars, and hats abound.

Another inspiration for Dapper Day comes from the original Imagineer renderings of the parks, in which guests were dressed as if they were attending the opera rather than an amusement park. Dapper Day seeks to bring the same vintage-inspired style to Disneyland, Disney World and Disneyland Paris.

Dapper Days began in 2011 and immediately took off. Dapper Days occur twice a year—once in fall and once in spring—in each American Disney Park, and a special fall event takes place at Disneyland Paris. Dapper Days have been covered by the Seattle Times and LA Times.

Of course, many clever fans have combined Dapper Days with another Disney Parks dress-up tradition: Disneybounding, where fans dress in the style of—but not in costume as—their favorite Disney characters. Disneyboundng may even be the official parks theme for 2014, according to speculation surrounding recent 2014 ad mock-ups.

How can Disney fans combine Disneybounding with Dapper Days? It’s easy to put together a Dapper Disneybound, just check out the Dapper Day-themed outfits on Disneybound’s official site.

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