Disney Bound

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DisneyBound will be Disney bound in a few days! What outfits do you want to see?

I’m heading off to California in a few days! First heading to San Diego to enjoy the beach before heading up to Los Angeles and then making my way to Disneyland! 

While I’m on vacation I will be sharing some of my favorite looks I’ve made since DisneyBound started, as I won’t be able to be at my computer with the same strict schedule I give myself while at home. There will be new looks as well!

Answer below! Tell me what some of your favorite looks from the past have been! What are some new looks you’d like to see made? While I’m at Disneyland, what CM costumes or rides should I keep my eye on, for creating new looks when I get home?

If you could be friends with any Disney character, who would it be?

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Hmm…either Pocahontas, Ariel, Merida or Rapunzel. I like a little adventure in my life and I think they would be fun girls to hang out with. 

could you share with me your greatest disney parks experience? I'm trying to convince my parents to go :)

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Hmmm! It’s hard to choose my greatest Disney Parks experience. I think my favorite part of going to a Disney Park, is standing in front of the castle watching the fireworks - tears streaming down my face every time as I think of the fact that all this magic originated with one man. There’s far too many great experiences to sum it up - but the only thing I can really say is that it will certainly be worth it.